The Challenges

It seems a week can’t pass without falling in love with yet another Yamaha Yard Built project. This time, the yellow and black object of affection is a quarter-mile VMAX from the Portuguese duo at it roCkS!bikes, dubbed ‘CS_07 Gasoline.’

This is Osvaldo Coutinho and Alex Santos’ third bike for the Yard Built series. Built to celebrate 30 years of Yamaha’s muscle bike, this VMAX was designed to be quick and slippery. The aerodynamic metal fairing is handcrafted and blends perfectly with the workshop’s signature monocoque tank, seat and tail unit. Of course, the real fuel cell resides below the seat, so the false unit houses electrical necessities such as a slick digital display.

The four-into-two exhaust is capped with free-flowing SC Project cans, and the rear rubber is a 6” x 18” Mickey Thompson slick. Somebody drop the flag already.

Project Information

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